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There is a story at sea

It has been the dream of a child that became the life of a grown up: Casting off to see the worlds remotest shorelines and islands to live the adventures of a traveller and sailor.

For six years I wandered the sea on Paulinchen as a freelance writer, photographer, videographer, podcaster,… My work was mainly about technical topics, travel stories from along the route, sailing in general and is a lot about the people and challenges that come up on the way. – First hand experience, accompanied by high quality footage and images.

While stopping here and there I also did and still do presentations about this trip, working aboard, or  inspirational talks at yacht clubs or special events. Contact me if you are interested in hosting an event or need further information.

Some more Projects

Typewriter - Schreibmaschine

Adventure Writing:
Sailing Norway

My latest Adventure pulls me off the sailing track I followed for the last few years: Aboard the amazing yacht Roland von Bremen I am about to cruise Norways Lofoten Islands. a group of rugged rocks, remote and dotted with small fishing villages between high cliffs. Find out more about this trip in a few weeks when I return from above the Arctic Circle and follow how the experience on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Paulinchen at Sea

Sailing the World:

In April 2009 I traded office and desk for a chart table on a boat. This trip is over, the next is planned. Freelancing from a sail boat I cruised Europe’s Baltic Sea and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to northern America. Warmer, season free life has begun by eventually reaching the Caribbean Sea. The cruise and my experience along the route is covered in several articles in print media and online. You can find some at:

Paulinchen at Sea


The Podcast-Project „Segelradio“ (german for „Sailing-Radio“) is about long term cruises, sailors and people I meet in ports and anchorages. We talk about the amazing experiences, the day to day living on a boat, expectations and reality of cruising. Depending on who I partner with for an episode these talks will sometimes be in english while most of the content is german. All english episodes will be listed on my english cruising blog and the whole podcast can be subscribed to at or directly via iTunes