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Information on limited, poster-, open- and single-print editions

Photography is a media that has always faced challenges from methods of easy reproduction. Once caught on film, or even a memory chip, each photo can be printed and reprinted in many sizes, various materials or even exist just as bits and bytes floating around the world wide web.

Angry Faces - New York City 2010 by Hinnerk Weiler

Angry Faces – New York City 2010, available in open edition

To maintain the value of such artwork and help collectors to estimate the value of prints my images are available as original art-work and non-original art-work prints.

Non Original Artwork

Non original or unsigned art-work are prints that are neither signed nor numbered reproductions of a photo. These include next to postcards and poster editions all sort of publication in books, magazines, online, .…

poster editions – are available as posters in different sizes and material. These Images will be print to order and are available only for a given time of six month straight from the “Print Store” (Currently only in Germany).

Original Artwork

Original Artwork comes through my hands. For example as open edition prints. These Images are printed in advance and are marked with a signature and sequel number on the lower white border of the print. On it’s back you will find this unique number again, along with my image catalogue number and some detail information about the image, paper and production details. These Information will be hand written.

The nature of open editions include variation in color, material and print sizes. Generally I prefer this way as it always allows for further artistic development on a print plus the fact that these prints could be understood as „mostly unique steps in an ongoing creative process“. However open edition images may be produced multiple times but some will turn out as unique single prints.

The combination of print number and image catalogue on the back will always remain as the unique identifier of each and every print released.

Limited editions in opposite are finalizing my work on a photo. A limited edition can include variations of print sizes and if not required by a gallery or exhibition rule the amount normally is restricted to 15 prints over all sizes. Each print will be marked with two numbers, normally on the lower right corner of a print, stating the unique number and the size of the edition. For example, 1/15 would mark the first and 15/15 the last print of a given edition. Important information on used material and size variations within this edition will be stated with the project description in a buyers certificate. For Example: An edition of ten prints can be made of two prints 40x60cm, two prints 20x30cm, and the six prints in 18x12cm.

Girls at the Pond – New York 2010, available in open Edition

Girls at the Pond – New York 2010, available in open Edition

However a different version/edit/crop of an image might have been (probably was) published before as part of an open-edition.  The limited edition print number 15/15 will however mark the definitive last fine-art print of an image. – Ever.

That means once the last Image of a limited edition has left the atelier, the whole image is retired from all original artwork fine-art printing. Such an image can now only be published in other mediums as „non original artwork“.

Exclusive edition or single prints. Please contact me if you want to enquiry about unique prints of original art-work in a special sizes or very exclusive technics. I may also present exclusive Prints from time to time here. Exclusive editions are like limited editions, only that „Print No. 1/1“ marks the first, final and only print ever. Period. Images from open edition are therefore never qualified as an exclusive print also. They may only be reprinted as non-original.

If you have any further questions or want to know more about available prints I will be happy if you get in touch wich me.

Available Edition Prints

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